Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Big Job On The Land Rover Defender

Recently I had to get a new spring seat welded on, work I could not do myself. The front left leg on the chassis also needed tidied up, ie plated.

This next job should be do able if time consuming.

I'm renewing the brakes discs, calipers and pads and also doing the wheel bearing while I have the discs off.

Step one:

Remove old caliper.

Mine was pretty grotty !!
There was also what looked like a man made hole in the disc housing !

I then set about removing the hub assembly.

Its best to use a 52mm box spanner for the hub nuts, I bought one for much cheapness.

Oh, I also got myself new mud guards as the old ones were just rusty lumps, can you tell the difference ?

Mud guard fitted, what a difference !

Now gents, do not listen to she who must be obeyed. The kitchen is the perfect place for driving out the hub bearing races and tapping the new ones in.

It's then time to put on the new disc.

and carefully refit all the bits...

I now have to fit the calipers and redo some of the brake piping, more to come.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Defender Work

Mucking about making a video of how difflock works, whilst the Defender was jacked up I noticed something bad.

This is the front LH spring seat which has a definite break along it due mostly to corrosion. The breal is on both sides of this seat. The other three seats on the vehicle are sound.
I put the Defender to a local who knows about this sort of thing but was told that the chassis leg was also corroded where the new seat was to be fitted and would require plating. Fortunately a friend recommended someone who has carried out this work before and he managed the job in less than a day.

New seat in place and chassis repaired and painted.

Of course we had to take it out for a wee test drive :)

I nearly forogt, heres the video I made explaining difflock.
In a nutshell the four wheel drive will drive all four wheels.
Without difflock:
If a wheel is off the ground or on a slippy surface it will simply take the power you are delivering and spin.
With difflock:
The front wheels are locked to the rear so their turning speed is locked together.
If a front wheel is slippy or airborne it will not spin unless one of the back wheels is able to spin.
This can be a great help but you can easily get into situations where both front and rear will spin, but it usually means you are having fun :)

Phase 2 Postponed

Didn't get a chance to start the exercise phase of my plan. Work and vehicle/chainsaw trouble along with other commitments intervened. Heavy rain and lack of sleep will destroy today's plans.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ADF Entering Phase 2

Almost 8 weeks into the diet now and things are going well. It's the end of October so soon I will be entering phase 2.
This will be starting serious exercise again. I was going to do it next week but I'm working so will probably leave it until the week after. I also intend to go down to two days a week fasting, Monday and Thursday.

My goal was to reach 67 Kg by Christmas and despite having a week off I am well on the way to achieving this. Here's a wee graph of my progress.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Where Is Your Will Power ?

I have been surprised by the amount of people who I know who would like to lose weight but are literally horrified and generally negative about ADF. 
Although I have now been joined by someone who has seen first and how easy it is is.
 I’m now sure that there is some built in evolutionary protection system that helps you make up any excuse as to why you should not fast ?

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Eat, Fast And Live Longer.

Here's a follow up to my last post on diet. I hope you have searched for the video of the documentary I watched and can see the benefits of fasting. It's not just about weight loss, there are other health benefits too.

I can see some of you are sceptical. I have been  met with same scepticism. It's perfectly natural for you to be vary wary of being told that starving yourself is good for you, it's probably a natural evolutionary reaction designed to keep you alive. Your a big boy now and need to use your will power to overcome this natural urge to make excuses as to why this is all wrong, because it isn't.

Now what I've been doing is a 5:3. Thats fasting for 3 days and eating normally for 5. Now when I say fasting, it's not even real fasting. You get to eat 500 calories on your fasting days !  Which for me is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Easy eh ?

So lets say I'm allowed 2500 cals a day. Thats 17500 a week. On this diet I only consume 500 cals on three of those days so my new weekly intake is 11500. I'm consuming 6000 calories less a week.
It's not rocket science, you can see that I should lose weight. Rightly some of that weight loss will be muscle and I haven't given serious thought to a weight training program, although I have been swimming once during this trial, and I did conduct another test.

I went cycling on a route I have cycled many times but not since July when a went flat out on a segment that is know to Strava called Accurate Balnagown Hill Climb Start-Finish. This time I beat July's time by 10 seconds, indicating that muscle loss may not be such a problem :) A weight / training program is going to happen soon for my eating days. At the moment I just want to see how the weight loss progresses.

Well it's still tough, especially the first week. You start thinking about excuses you can use for not doing it. I started by having two Slim Fast shakes throughout the day but while I'm doing nightshifts I find it easier to just have one 500 calorie meal at dinner time.

I think it's really working. I just found some data I recroded in 2007. Weight 67.2 Kg , distance around navel 84.5cm. Before I started the ADF ( Alternate Day Fasting ) I was 73.8 Kg and 93cm around the belly !

This Saturday I will weigh and measure again and hope to remember to post up my results.

That Old Devil Called Diet

I haven't had the need to bother with diets in the past. That's not to say I haven't been interested and kind of gave the Atkins a go a few years back to see what it was like, but that's just the scientist in me.

Recently I have had a series of knee problems so have cut out a lot of exercise and as a result I have increased my weight and my waistline.

I still got a shock at my works medical when I measured 75Kg without boots !

I weighed myself the next morning more suitably attired or not attired :) And I was 73.8 Kg and my stomach measurement had increased to 93cm.

Now I was always 70 Kg or less when I was exercising regularly and my waistline was a lot smaller so something had to be done. I also just got the news about my knee and more recent shoulder pain, I have Osteoarthritis !!

I was working out whether to seriously follow the Paleo diet which was the one that appealed most to me, when something else happened. I couldn't sleep one night after a few days nightshift so got up to watch the TV. I watched a Horizon programme "Eat, fast And Live Longer" and I had my solution. Do a search on Youtube for it as it's not on iPlayer anymore.

I started on Saturday 8th September 2012. It's now 2nd October and I'm 70 Kg with a waist of 91cm.

More details of what I'm doing to come, in the meantime watch the Documentary, it could save your life :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is a typical write up of one of my pest control trips. I don't do wasps and ants, just rabbits, pigeons, crows, rats.

This blog contains pictures of dead rabbits but they are not particularly gory. The rabbits are doing a great deal of damage to the field and dyke and have to be controlled.

Yesterday saw the return of the Sako, after more than two weeks to get the barrel shortened and then refitted as it was in too much and the bolt would not close !!

Anyhow, picked it up and went straight up to the 50m range. She was off to the left but a few rounds later I was putting a mag of five rounds onto the white dot sticker for patching targets, sorted !

Here is the new look.

Sako Finnfire .22lr, barrel shortened from 21" to 16"

Today it was back up to Heartbreak Ridge the field with the ridge of boulders that offers two shooting positions.

Looking towards the Ridge the pirate is at firing point red and good old Frankenstein's monster is at pink :)

I followed the same MO as last time parked up and then moved slowly to the ridge to engage rabbits in the red zone from firing point red. I'm going to have to organise a comfy position here as this time I sat on a rock resting elbow on knee and took this bunny at 48m.
No obvious entry or exit.

I then moved to pink position and went prone, no bipod as I leave that on the HMR now.

Scanning with the LRF showed some movement in a gully at 63m, young ones playing about however another bunny entered from left at 45m and was duly despatched.
The round went right through and I saw it hit the dirt behind !

I sat tight for a few mins the young ones at 63m still not presenting a decent shot, a decent sized doh emerged at 55m and was bowled over with a similar shot to the one I made with the HMR last week face on, doon the throat! The surface damage a lot less with the sub HP .22, but devastating further into the target.

A decent few days, 6 feral pigeon on Sunday with the Ultra, three with the HMR Monday and three today with the Sako  :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Now We Have Wheels !

Whilst out shooting on farmland I know only too well how easy it is to get your vehicle stuck and have to call the farmer to tow you out, quite embarrassing.

People who know me will also know that I have no real interest in cars, except for making sure they are equipped to be useful, e.g. tow bar and roof bars. There is one vehicle that I have always liked though, the Land Rover Defender. I had the privelige of driving various Land Roverss in the 1990's, even driving one over to Germany and back.
Here's a 101 that I used to take home but I was in the back of it once when the driver had a wee accident.

It rolled several times, end to end. 
Here's what we crawled out of:

I digress.

I decided to get myself a Defender 90, something I could drive the fields with, get timber from otherwise inaccessible places.

It's a 1993 Defender 90 with a 2.5 litre 200TDi engine.

Right away there was a list of jobs. So far I have changed the alternator and PAS belts, replaced the window regulator, the fuel tank, rear right indicator, removed the top fog lamps which were on a roof bar and not connected anyway, tied down the batttery in wired in a trip and isolator for the winch, got the diff light working...

There's more stuff to do, but I have alos been out shooting with it. I took the air rifle and the .17 HMR and got two bunnies. I missed with the air rifle and got two with the HMR.

Oh and we have taken it offroad too, we went to Experience 4x4 near Inverness. We did the adventure course a few times then went into the Zone for some serious stuff.

Here's some Adventure footage.

Now then, where's that job list...

Monday, February 20, 2012

.17 HMR Added To The Cabinet

I went to my local RFD to get some ammo for the .22 and asked him if he did package deals as I was planning a HMR in March.
Turns out that he had just got a second hand one in that morning and it was available soon for a pretty decent price. After seeing it I put down a deposit there and then :)

Here it is.

It's a CZ 455 16" Varmint with a lovely Thumbhole stock. Also included was a SAK moderator and a Nikko Sterling 6-24x50 scope.
I was lucky that we had a couple of days of settled weather and managed to get it zeroes in at 100 metres.

The next lamping session didn't prove too successful when I tried a shot at a 91m shot at a bunny and missed completely. I hadn't compensated for the wind drift !
I returned to the same spot a day or so later and recreated the shot in slightly less windy conditions from the original miss.

The target is on the white plastic container 91m away, wind is about unsteadily between 5-11mph.

The shot falls to the right of aim point. Adjusting 3/4 of a mil dot allowed me to hit the red bull. Some internet searches and the phone app Strelok allowed me to make up a table to compensate for the wind. I made one up for the .22lr aswell.

Next time I should be ready. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovely Highland Spices

Worth tracking down at a good delicatessen near you. Hand blended in the Highlands and has a list of additional ingredients required and the method on the other side.

Shotgun, Hide, Decoy

Well I got a good deal on an old shotgun. Its a Francais D'Armes Robust No26.
Any information you have on above gun would be appreciated as there's not much out there in interweb land.

It's pictured here with a BSA Sportsman 5 .22lr rimfire rifle which was thrown in with the shotgun ! I told you it was a good deal !
Theres a piece missing from the shotgun butt which used to be a cheekpiece, I fixed this with a piece from an old BSA walnut stock given to me by John Macrae of Tain Rifle and Pistol Club.

So it went from this:
 To this :

It's had some more sanding and oiling since then too.

So, I bought some FUD pigeon decoys and a hide and set off on some trials, setting up in a stubble field at first and bagging a bird that actually landed.

We moved to an Oil Seed Rape Field

Yes kids, those pigeons are Fold Up Decoys and should not be shot and eaten.

This is the view back to the hide

Here are my decoys being attacked by a Buzzard !

and here is the first pigeon I have shot on the wing when I moved the setup into the adjacent stubble field.

If you haven't tried Wood pigeon and know where you can get one, then try it.


I like pigeon. Not the feral pigeons that hang around the distilleries munching on all the grain and making a mess by crapping everywhere. These I don't eat I just shoot.

The Wood Pigeon on the other hand is a much better bag. Now I'll try to eat anything within reason and so I have cooked some feral pigeon to see what they taste like, and the breast meat has a texture I don't like similar to liver.
Wood pigeon breast fried is lovely, more like a good steak than poultry.

 I had managed to shoot a few 'Woodies' with the BSA Ultra but got a good deal on an old shotgun and decided to have a go with it.

Shotgun story to follow...