Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Night Paddle

Tonight we set off from Chanonry Point to do a night paddle.

We headed across and past Fort George where we landed, got fed and watered then Neil produced the glow sticks.

We attached them to the back of our BA's. Neil and Guy also had one on the back of their boats. We followed Guy.

We headed out into the channel and around the red buoy.

The camera has compensated for the lack of light here. On a night setting.

Then back across and past the west side of Fort George towards Ardersier.

This photo was on a normal setting, with flash.

I switched back to night shot so as not to wreck peoples night vision.

We avoided the tidal stream that would have been flowing through the narrow channel at this time, extending the paddle and letting it get darker.

Night paddling is great. I'm waiting for reports in tomorrows papers about strange dancing hoops of light on the water :-)