Saturday, May 06, 2006

Been And Done It

Well kids, I've done it. The other day I picked up a whitewater kayak. I got a second hand Pyranha I 3. Sorted out the footrest settings by adding some old sleeping mat foam and went paddling yesterday. A.T. stood on the beach as I attempted some of the moves I learn't in two star.
A.T. shouted out encouragement and corrections with a yeah or nay for various moves and strokes. He missed out though by not bringing his camera as I ended up tipping the thing.
I was attempting to carve then switched sides, I got hit by a small wave and over I went.
No brace and no attempt to roll were made, I was just shocked at going over !
Well now I know I can get out of the thing, LOL.
Need to find the nearest flat water for more practice, not the bouncy salty stuff.