Tuesday, October 02, 2012

That Old Devil Called Diet

I haven't had the need to bother with diets in the past. That's not to say I haven't been interested and kind of gave the Atkins a go a few years back to see what it was like, but that's just the scientist in me.

Recently I have had a series of knee problems so have cut out a lot of exercise and as a result I have increased my weight and my waistline.

I still got a shock at my works medical when I measured 75Kg without boots !

I weighed myself the next morning more suitably attired or not attired :) And I was 73.8 Kg and my stomach measurement had increased to 93cm.

Now I was always 70 Kg or less when I was exercising regularly and my waistline was a lot smaller so something had to be done. I also just got the news about my knee and more recent shoulder pain, I have Osteoarthritis !!

I was working out whether to seriously follow the Paleo diet which was the one that appealed most to me, when something else happened. I couldn't sleep one night after a few days nightshift so got up to watch the TV. I watched a Horizon programme "Eat, fast And Live Longer" and I had my solution. Do a search on Youtube for it as it's not on iPlayer anymore.

I started on Saturday 8th September 2012. It's now 2nd October and I'm 70 Kg with a waist of 91cm.

More details of what I'm doing to come, in the meantime watch the Documentary, it could save your life :)

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