Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Big Job On The Land Rover Defender

Recently I had to get a new spring seat welded on, work I could not do myself. The front left leg on the chassis also needed tidied up, ie plated.

This next job should be do able if time consuming.

I'm renewing the brakes discs, calipers and pads and also doing the wheel bearing while I have the discs off.

Step one:

Remove old caliper.

Mine was pretty grotty !!
There was also what looked like a man made hole in the disc housing !

I then set about removing the hub assembly.

Its best to use a 52mm box spanner for the hub nuts, I bought one for much cheapness.

Oh, I also got myself new mud guards as the old ones were just rusty lumps, can you tell the difference ?

Mud guard fitted, what a difference !

Now gents, do not listen to she who must be obeyed. The kitchen is the perfect place for driving out the hub bearing races and tapping the new ones in.

It's then time to put on the new disc.

and carefully refit all the bits...

I now have to fit the calipers and redo some of the brake piping, more to come.

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