Monday, November 29, 2010

New Camera

Well, the camera hasn't turned up yet so had to bite the bullet and shell out for a new one.
It had to be a compact camera but this time I wasn't too bothered about it being waterproof, always mindful that the old waterproof one may still turn up at some point.

I decided on the Lumix TZ10.

Has a lovely lens and a decent array of features including the a GPS for on the spot geotagging.

I'm currently injured ( again ) with a torn cartilage so haven't ventured too far since the purchase. Here's some local pics.

I'm impressed with the results on the 'Intelligent Auto' setting.

These were taken with the aspect ratio set to 16:9 which records a  10.5M image, you can also set the aspect to 3:2 and for the full 12.1M image you use 4:3
Can't decide what ratio to use ? Then there's a multi aspect setting which which shoot all three with one press of the shutter.

The camera will also shoot 720p HD movies and can utilise the AVCHD lite compression format.
I haven't really had a decent play with this but will include a wee clip if I remember.

First impressions are good with the only niggle so far being the actual filing of the recorded images. They are all just piled into the same folder until theres 999, and then another folder is started. The old Pentax started a new folder every day and named the folder after the date. Oh, and my PC does not recognise the formatting of the SD card so using the USB cable is a must.

So set the below clip to 720p to see the HD movie capabilities of the camera. The clip was shot in the same lighting conditions as the first beach picture above.