Monday, February 20, 2012

.17 HMR Added To The Cabinet

I went to my local RFD to get some ammo for the .22 and asked him if he did package deals as I was planning a HMR in March.
Turns out that he had just got a second hand one in that morning and it was available soon for a pretty decent price. After seeing it I put down a deposit there and then :)

Here it is.

It's a CZ 455 16" Varmint with a lovely Thumbhole stock. Also included was a SAK moderator and a Nikko Sterling 6-24x50 scope.
I was lucky that we had a couple of days of settled weather and managed to get it zeroes in at 100 metres.

The next lamping session didn't prove too successful when I tried a shot at a 91m shot at a bunny and missed completely. I hadn't compensated for the wind drift !
I returned to the same spot a day or so later and recreated the shot in slightly less windy conditions from the original miss.

The target is on the white plastic container 91m away, wind is about unsteadily between 5-11mph.

The shot falls to the right of aim point. Adjusting 3/4 of a mil dot allowed me to hit the red bull. Some internet searches and the phone app Strelok allowed me to make up a table to compensate for the wind. I made one up for the .22lr aswell.

Next time I should be ready. 

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