Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is a typical write up of one of my pest control trips. I don't do wasps and ants, just rabbits, pigeons, crows, rats.

This blog contains pictures of dead rabbits but they are not particularly gory. The rabbits are doing a great deal of damage to the field and dyke and have to be controlled.

Yesterday saw the return of the Sako, after more than two weeks to get the barrel shortened and then refitted as it was in too much and the bolt would not close !!

Anyhow, picked it up and went straight up to the 50m range. She was off to the left but a few rounds later I was putting a mag of five rounds onto the white dot sticker for patching targets, sorted !

Here is the new look.

Sako Finnfire .22lr, barrel shortened from 21" to 16"

Today it was back up to Heartbreak Ridge the field with the ridge of boulders that offers two shooting positions.

Looking towards the Ridge the pirate is at firing point red and good old Frankenstein's monster is at pink :)

I followed the same MO as last time parked up and then moved slowly to the ridge to engage rabbits in the red zone from firing point red. I'm going to have to organise a comfy position here as this time I sat on a rock resting elbow on knee and took this bunny at 48m.
No obvious entry or exit.

I then moved to pink position and went prone, no bipod as I leave that on the HMR now.

Scanning with the LRF showed some movement in a gully at 63m, young ones playing about however another bunny entered from left at 45m and was duly despatched.
The round went right through and I saw it hit the dirt behind !

I sat tight for a few mins the young ones at 63m still not presenting a decent shot, a decent sized doh emerged at 55m and was bowled over with a similar shot to the one I made with the HMR last week face on, doon the throat! The surface damage a lot less with the sub HP .22, but devastating further into the target.

A decent few days, 6 feral pigeon on Sunday with the Ultra, three with the HMR Monday and three today with the Sako  :)
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