Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saltburn To Balintore

Today I paddled from Saltburn around to Balintore. I went on my own, the weather was lovely, sunny and no real wind.

There was a wee bit of mist hanging aboot though, which soon burned away.

I passed by the old Nigg fabrication yard where they are now building offshore windmills.

There were caves around the corner.

Ah remember those gun emplacements ?

Loads of Guillemots jumping into the sea, where they would 'run' along the water.

Loads of Shags too.

I found a landing spot on a very rocky shoreline, although I managed to jump out of the boat before the boulders on the shore, I took a bash from a submerged rock on the way in !

After a scone and a cup of coffee it was time for the final leg, soon Balintore was in site.

The wife will be here soon to pick me up.


Two hours later...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Steps

Today my brother took his forst steps on the water. When I bought my new boat I sold mine to a friend who sold his to my brother.
The boat is a perception Carolina. My brother got kitted out last month when we visited Highland Canoes in Aviemore.

So it was straight to work with the forward stroke, ah I remember trying to get the river boat to go straight when I started all those months ago !

We just paddled along the shore with the wind at our backs then paddled back into the wind.

We also covered sweep strokes. Next lesson we'll build on the forward and sweeps and maybe try some braces. When it's not so chilly.