Monday, August 13, 2007

Decent Sighting.

I almost forgot to mention this.

Got out paddling with the club again last week. Most times I have been out at Chanonry point I have seen the odd dorsal fin or two, The dolphins have been more interested in feeding than in the kayaks.

Last Wednesday I noticed a splash up ahead, as we got closer they were coming out of the water a bit more than usual. I watched for a while but it wasn't until we got moving again that I realised I had my camera.

The dolphins obliged by following us for a wee while, I was on the opposite side to them and took a few shots hoping to catch them as they surfaced.

Here's all I managed.

And even worse :

Ach well, it was more impressive in real life.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer Hols Kayaking

Not much to report. With the kids off and plenty to do around the house and garden.
A shed to build, wood to cut and split for seasoning. Loads of trips and things to do with the kids.

I did ride safety boat for some body boarding :-)

We took Big Jessie out to see a boat which was even bigger than her !