Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Eat, Fast And Live Longer.

Here's a follow up to my last post on diet. I hope you have searched for the video of the documentary I watched and can see the benefits of fasting. It's not just about weight loss, there are other health benefits too.

I can see some of you are sceptical. I have been  met with same scepticism. It's perfectly natural for you to be vary wary of being told that starving yourself is good for you, it's probably a natural evolutionary reaction designed to keep you alive. Your a big boy now and need to use your will power to overcome this natural urge to make excuses as to why this is all wrong, because it isn't.

Now what I've been doing is a 5:3. Thats fasting for 3 days and eating normally for 5. Now when I say fasting, it's not even real fasting. You get to eat 500 calories on your fasting days !  Which for me is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Easy eh ?

So lets say I'm allowed 2500 cals a day. Thats 17500 a week. On this diet I only consume 500 cals on three of those days so my new weekly intake is 11500. I'm consuming 6000 calories less a week.
It's not rocket science, you can see that I should lose weight. Rightly some of that weight loss will be muscle and I haven't given serious thought to a weight training program, although I have been swimming once during this trial, and I did conduct another test.

I went cycling on a route I have cycled many times but not since July when a went flat out on a segment that is know to Strava called Accurate Balnagown Hill Climb Start-Finish. This time I beat July's time by 10 seconds, indicating that muscle loss may not be such a problem :) A weight / training program is going to happen soon for my eating days. At the moment I just want to see how the weight loss progresses.

Well it's still tough, especially the first week. You start thinking about excuses you can use for not doing it. I started by having two Slim Fast shakes throughout the day but while I'm doing nightshifts I find it easier to just have one 500 calorie meal at dinner time.

I think it's really working. I just found some data I recroded in 2007. Weight 67.2 Kg , distance around navel 84.5cm. Before I started the ADF ( Alternate Day Fasting ) I was 73.8 Kg and 93cm around the belly !

This Saturday I will weigh and measure again and hope to remember to post up my results.

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