Monday, May 14, 2007

ICC Club Trip: Handa And Loch Laxford

I haven't posted for a while as I have been rather busy. I was lucky enough to have a weekend off when my club were doing a weekend trip. Here's the crack:

We arrived in Scourie around 11 A.M. and set up our tents at the Scourie campsite, four quid a pitch. After a bite to eat we drove down to the shore and loaded up the boats.

I think there were 14 of us give or take, I'm not sure as Rhona was running the trip. I didn't even take a map !

We paddled over to Handa and had another wee bite to eat.

Crossing over to Handa there was a fairly strong northerly so we decided to walk around the island and the other side was indeed very choppy wind over tide. Returning to the boats we set of again.

Around the bottom of Handa and back across to the mainland.

We found a few caves.

Including this big one.

Where we got all the kayaks inside !

After waiting for Mark to get his fish and chips
it was just about Sunday and time to head to Loch Laxford.

Anyone going in at the boathouse OS Grid: 227,477 should note that you need to leave access for the guy who does the fish or mussels or whatever seafood he's into.
We did this with careful parking, however whilst on the water he appeared in his boat and said that he had a lorry coming and the driver didn't do reverse so some of the paddlers had to go back in order to leave the car park completely empty. The wagon only comes on Sunday, you have been warned. The guy is pals with the Duke of Westminister, that's what he said, Westminister.

We paddled past mad Alec's mussels catching setup:

Explored all the wee nooks and crannies and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

The huge rocks and cliffs.

And stopped opposite the Ridgeway's place for lunch.

What a fabulous weekend in wonderful sunshine and great company. Thanks to you all.