Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Nice Day

Hope we are going to get some payback after suffering a nasty winter. Yesterday was really nice. Despite a local road closure preventing me from doing a 50 mile cycle it still turned out great.

I was caught out last week on my 50 miler when I arrived at the bottom of thee climb up Struie Hill only to see a sign stating that the road was closed for roadworks. I has to go back the way I had come into a nasty headwind.

I went on a much shorter route instead.

I call it the Kildary Loop. It's 36 Km and took me 76 minutes.
The weather was nice, NO WIND.

Later I decided I would pick the kids up from school and go straight up to Pinnacle Crag. We were not alone at the crag, whilst rigging up a top rope I was surprised to see a head bob up as someone topped out beside me soloing !

Here's a pic of some others doing Pinnacle Chimney.

The kids climbed a couple of routes and then Sol had a go at belaying me.

Happy with Sol's belaying ability and having found a suitable ground anchor, I decided to lead my first climb, Broken Groove graded Moderate :) Ach well you've got to start somewhere.

And Sol seconded as Molly took the photos.

What a great day. Oh the wife eventually turned up in a dress and sandals !!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Decent Weekend

Just shook off the cold I got on holiday for a week and then got another one which I passed on to my workmates, sorry Paul and Albert :(

Friday: managed a wee run for the first time in a few weeks.

Saturday: Met up with Basher and Norma on Saturday and had a nice wee walk up Ben Hope.

Looking towards Durness and Cape Wrath

Which had a cheeky wee bit of snow up top.

Hey your not at the top until you are at the highest point.

Nice walk, good company and decent weather.

Sunday: We went back to Pinnacle Crag and climbed another two routes.

We were just setting up for the climb in the chimney when we got drenched in a heavy rain / hail stone shower and so retreated back down to the car.
Need another day to do the severe graded routes and then we will try longer routes.