Monday, March 15, 2010

Latest Ski Trip: Montgenevre, France

Things didn't start well. After staying the night in Glasgow we woke to find the flight was delayed 6 hours. After boarding the plane and taxiing we were disembarked due to a faulty starter motor in the left engine !

The new part had to be flown up from London so our delay became 13 hours.

Those attending Ski School missed the first lesson due to the lateness of our arrival at the Chalet.

 Montgenevre is part of the 'Milky Way' area which includes resorts in Italy, several of the group skid over the border on at least one occasion.

Meanwhile, back to the script. We surfaced mid morning on the Monday and made for the top of the resort. Skiing and Boarding Greens Blues and Reds in the first two hours, there may have been runs on Blacks at this early stage but not not by me.

The chatty ones amongst us ( everyone but me ) got aquainted with the other guests in the chalet.

Now here's my challenge, I am going to try to name everyone.
From Left Clockwise:
Fiona, Leslie, Dave (John), Muzz, Karen, Molly, Hollie, Sol, Henry, Kerry, Gareth, Clair, Gavin, Saunders (hiding), Jean, Julia.
It would turn out that we were of varied experience and discipline which lended itself to various smaller group matchups and outings.

The weather was very cold on Tuesday and we had fresh snow.

 Molly had a bad time of it and ended up in the medical centre for checks, she felt a lot better later on :)

We had lovely weather for the rest of the week. There seemed to be an endless supply of runs and loads of off-piste for those who wanted it. Myself and at least one boarder were not too keen on the metre deep powder in the woods.

OK, just to be fair here is one of Jean in a more appropriate boarding position.

I didn't attend any lessons on this trip and failed miserably to emulate the skill shown by Fiona.

Or the seemingly effortless skill, technique and sheer speed of John.

The above photo was taken at the bottom of what was prbably my favourite run, on Le Chalvet.

Oh I did do some Blacks but didn't find them as much fun as the reds as I actually went down them slower !

The wife and kids benefitted from taking lessons and showed considerable improvement. The wife vowing to go Red or Dead on the next trip :)

All that exercise, mountain air and cheap wine took their toll... ...and so it was time for us to leave old Monty.

We all enjoyed it.

And I had a sore throat by the end of the week from all the chatting.