Thursday, May 10, 2012

Now We Have Wheels !

Whilst out shooting on farmland I know only too well how easy it is to get your vehicle stuck and have to call the farmer to tow you out, quite embarrassing.

People who know me will also know that I have no real interest in cars, except for making sure they are equipped to be useful, e.g. tow bar and roof bars. There is one vehicle that I have always liked though, the Land Rover Defender. I had the privelige of driving various Land Roverss in the 1990's, even driving one over to Germany and back.
Here's a 101 that I used to take home but I was in the back of it once when the driver had a wee accident.

It rolled several times, end to end. 
Here's what we crawled out of:

I digress.

I decided to get myself a Defender 90, something I could drive the fields with, get timber from otherwise inaccessible places.

It's a 1993 Defender 90 with a 2.5 litre 200TDi engine.

Right away there was a list of jobs. So far I have changed the alternator and PAS belts, replaced the window regulator, the fuel tank, rear right indicator, removed the top fog lamps which were on a roof bar and not connected anyway, tied down the batttery in wired in a trip and isolator for the winch, got the diff light working...

There's more stuff to do, but I have alos been out shooting with it. I took the air rifle and the .17 HMR and got two bunnies. I missed with the air rifle and got two with the HMR.

Oh and we have taken it offroad too, we went to Experience 4x4 near Inverness. We did the adventure course a few times then went into the Zone for some serious stuff.

Here's some Adventure footage.

Now then, where's that job list...

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