Thursday, January 25, 2007

Always Take The Camera

Well I wasn't really going anywhere today, just an hours paddling in the cold. I won't bother with the camera. It's cloudy and there's one of those winds that goes right through you and chills the bones.

On the way back I saw a Cormorant ahead and just stopped paddling and let the boat drift. It seemed interested and I floated closer and closer as it watched me for any sign of danger. When it was close enough to touch with the paddle I could not hold on anymore. I blinked and it paddled away. That's the closest I have gotten to wildlife in the boat.

Ten minutes later and I have three swans approaching. Now do I change direction and go to deep water or stay shore side ? They decide for me and angle out a wee bit, we are still heading towards each other. The sun comes out for the first time and I think 'I wish I had taken the camera' when they decide they don't like kayaks and take off about ten metres away and fly past me on the right, now that would have been a very nice set of pics.

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