Thursday, January 11, 2007


I had days off on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I checked the weather on Tuesday to see if paddling was going to be possible, both days were a bit windy so I arranged to go swimming on Wednesday.

Tuesday night was stormy but Wednesday morning was lovely with an unpredicted light easterly wind which would have meant a nice playfull surf over at Balintore. I was struggling up and down the pool instead.

I am rubbish at swimming and it's something I have never liked. A few years ago ( when I was fit ) I did the Highland Cross and whilst training I was doing 17 mile runs and 50 mile cycles. I still couldn't swim more than 4 lengths without stopping !

Anyway, back on subject Muzz. Last night I decided I was going paddling just before it turned bad again. This morning it was still bad and it's been getting worse.

I'm going to give paddling a miss today.

Like the other day it doesn't look that bad eh ? Believe me it is.

No I'm not going swimming again. Now where's those cakes...
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