Saturday, January 06, 2007

OK, The Bike It Is.

After yesterdays prematurely aborted paddle, I decided to take a leaf out of Douglas' book and go out on the bike.
I first built this thing in 1995, I ordered the frame a Kona Cindercone and then added a STX RC groupset and a few X-Lite bits and the Rock shox forks. Last summer I had to put a new groupset on it.

I tend to cycle from the house so there's always tarmac involved in my cycles. This one leads me from Invergordon around the side of Cnoc Cor Guinie OS Grid Ref 671,754.

This is the first tarmac climb at Tomich hill 700,709.

We are now at the top of the road climb and this is looking back from the scotsburn road at 693,730

I had taken the jacket off but had to put it back on about here, the last wee bit of road before getting to the hill.

At last we are close to the bottom of the hill, this is the farm at Inchindown 690,743 and the sun is out !

The start of the hill climb is also a wee bit of tar :-)

This soon turns into forestry track proper.

And we start to get some views. This one out towards the Sutors where I have paddled, remember the pictures of the gun emplacements ?

As the track gets steeper,

and steeper

Yahoo, I'm at the top and didn't even use the granny ring !

On the way back I noticed that more windmills had appeared on the horizon, not really visible on this pic

but zooming in a bit reveals them

I can actually see another set form my house so they are kind of IMBY but I'm still not a NIMBY.

We now join the Struie road and caution is advised coming back down

Some roads are still suffering from recent flood damage.

A wee detour took me home along the back of Alness. Total time taken today was 2hrs 20 minutes. Just went to check my records and I don't even have an entry for this route, I'm sure I'll beat this time if I go out again and don't keep stopping to take photos.
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