Monday, December 18, 2006

Black Isle Stability Check

Today I was able to have a wee paddle over to the Black Isle.
I set off from the slip, my usual departure site for trips in the firth.

I noticed the difference from lowering the seat immediately, much better stability. I was quite surprised how much better the boat felt.

Paddled under the 'smelter pier'.

This used to have a conveyer belt running from the end right into the Aluminium Smelter. Now wagons roll up and down to load and unload various other cargoes.

I then headed towards the end of the Admiralty pier to make the crossing.

Near the other side I manged to get some shots of the other stuff in the firth, it's usually rigs in for repairs.

Here's the view back to the Admiralty Pier.

On the Black Isle I stopped for a coffee.

Then headed back. On the way into the tide and a wee breeze the GPS reported 6.6 - 6.9 kph. It was now telling me 7.5kph this is similar to what I was getting before the seat lowering. The twitchiness I felt last week seems to have disappeared too. I got some pics on the way back.

You can see Ben Wyvis behind this rig.

I also spotted the object that I hit last week when it was submerged, a big bloody tyre !

And that was it, I am happy with the seat lowering results. No, I am very happy. There seemed to be no movement, the seat is quite frimly pinned hard to the hull against the additional foam. I may still put blocks between the seat and the deck just to be on the safe side.
A nice paddle.
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