Saturday, October 29, 2016

Homemade Sealant Check Time

I have been making my own tubeless tyre sealant this year. The recipe is:

1pt Liquid Latex - get mine from Hobbycraft
1pt Slime - the kind for car tyres
1pt Antifreeze - I use the new friendlier MPG type
2pts Water - you get this stuff from your tap !

I last filled the FANTASTIC S-Works Fast Trak tyres at the end of June. its now 4 months later and time for a look.

Front tyre, seems only the green colour from the slime is left and it's rather thin.
Lets get rid of it and add a fresh batch.

I just sooked it up with a syringe, new batch already made up and 60ml added.


The rear tyre was quite dry, with a thin skin on the tyre.

60ml fired in here too. I then pump up with a normal track pump. You here the tyre 'crack' when it seats. I pump up to 50 psi just to make sure, go for a wee ride about the garden and leave overnight. When ready to ride I lower the pressure to 27 psi and away we go...
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