Friday, October 28, 2016

And So Began The Upgrading and Swapping Of Components

After running the 1x11 for a while I realized just how good it was. The Shimano XT M8000 kit is nice to use with very positive feedback from the shifter and mech. It also made the whole bike over 400g lighter, and there's only one shifter to worry about which in turn makes for a tidier cockpit.

I then set to work on other bikes.

The Rockstar

Now that's a 30t on the front, I have settled on a 32t at the moment but may change to a 30t for tough races.

The Prophet also got it.

I had now discovered that shimano did an 11-46 ( my original before the One-Up was 11-42 ) So I chose the 11-46 for the Prophet. 

However, I'm not bloody made of money so the full sussers got the 1x11 at the expense of the poor 'Test Model' the Cube, which went back to 2x10 :)

Now you can probably see something else has changed by this picture, that will be the subject of my next post.

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