Friday, April 28, 2017

Zwift. Is it any good ? Should I try it ?

Q. Zwift any good ?
A. Yes and No.

First of all let me just say that I would recommend you use a power meter or smart trainer for these apps. If you think your Fluid 2 alone is good enough then have a look at this video.

I'll come clean right away and tell you I have used Trainerroad for many years and for 'Training' it is fantastic. The User Interface has everything you need for specific workouts and the training plans are really well thought out, it's very very good indeed !

      Stick some music on, follow the graph and keep that wee white ball where it should be. Simples !

So, that was Trainerroad and this blog is about Zwift but I just wanted to give you a bit of background for what is to come next.

Zwift in workout mode just isn't as good as Trainerroad, There i've said it Trainerroad blows it out of the water.

                                                             Too much useless info ?

The above shot shows a virtual cycle around a virtual island, there is a schedule down the left so you can see what's to come in the workout. The top middle shows some useful info but NOT your average power for the lap. The 'wee white ball' does this well on Trainerroad. The bar on the right is useful in another aspect of Zwift but completely superfluous in workout mode. The HR line and graph at the bottom are just stupid !

So although you will hopefully get your workout done, the user interface needs a complete overhaul.

Zwift for group riding?  I hear you ask.

Yes, Yes YES.

The various group rides and races are brilliant !
This is what Zwift was made for. Have a look at Zwift  Events and you will see a whole host of rides, usually there will be a description of the event PLEASE read this and follow the instructions :)

                                       Me on one of  the MGCC Winter Rides

If you just want to get the lie of the land then may I suggest the ZZRC sub 2 ride or if you have decent ability the sub 3 ride. The 2 and three refer to Watts per Kg. If you don't know then stick to the sub 2 for now and go back through my blog posts.

                                   The very interesting WBR Buffalo Herd Ride

For races there will quite often be A to D categories based on your FTP Watts/Kg. Some events have a one lap warm up where you must stay with the leader followed by a two lap race. Others are handicapped in such a way as D'd start first followed 2 mins later by C's and so on look for the MGCC ( in the winter ) for these ones. Another good one was with WBR Buffalo Herd ride on a Saturday where the leader messages various drills to do during the ride.

So is Zwift any good ? Yes and No :)

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