Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inconclusive but Fun.

Took the new bike on a trail that I had done with the Kona in January.

I call it Kinrive To Inchidown although I start from the house.

The actual cycle was great. It was a lot warmer today than it was on the January cycle. The bike bhaved very well going up hill. I used the Poploc on the road and the smooth offroad climbs. This is a bar mounted system for effectively turning the front suspension on and off.

I had one dodgy moment on the descent when the back end slid out a bit, this without me locking up the back under braking.

I analysed my data in SportTracks as usual. Here is a speed comparison.

It looks very promising, the new machine being faster on the descents also !

All may not be as it seems though. The data for the heart rate also shows an increase.

On the previous cycle I stopped a few times to take photos for the blog, the stops are edited out by the software but could easily result in a comparatively lower HR.

I like to think that the bike managed to be 8.5% faster with or without me having to exert myself 9% more !!!
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