Monday, April 21, 2008

A Recent Cycle

Saunders picked me up at 10 o clock and we went to the first location.

Wildcat Black:

I think the worst part of this route is the Lactic Ladder.
You can pick it out on the below profile, it's between 27 and 32 minutes.

To the right of the word 'Ben' near the summit you can see a very bendy line, that's it. The best part of the route is Valhalla which is graded red.

After we had finished and had a wee snack it was off to the next route.

Balblair near Bonar Bridge.

This route consists of some lovely rock outcrops with lines spray painted onto them.

The route is graded black and has a lot of surprises, a lot of ups and downs some of them very steep.

Our day was not over. We nipped over to Carbisdale next to do the Red and Blue routes there.
No black route to do. Sorry no route trace for this one yet.

The routes are just north of a 1650 battle between the Royalists and Covenanters.

Oh I forgot to mention the weather. We managed to get rained or hailed on at every route. We also had a wee drop of thunder whilst on an exposed hillside riding metal objects. Fun fun fun.

I got back to the house after 1600. A great day out.
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