Saturday, May 10, 2008

Glencalvie Challenge 2008

Well since we have been doing a bit of cycling lately I decided to enter a wee race for charity, the Glencalvie Challenge

This event allows you to either walk, run or cycle 17.5 miles through amazing countryside from Black Bridge to Glencalvie. Black bridge is on the way to Ullapool just before Loch Glascarnoch.

I went along with Jean and Saunders with whom I have cycled on numerous occasions .We arrived before 0900hrs and were soon joined by the other competitors.

The hooter went and we sped off. Saunders didn't waste any time heading to the front, I thought 'What The Hell' and overtook the wee group ahead and slotted into second place. I could see Saunders disappearing over the tops of the upcoming hills as sooked in the air and tried to keep the legs turning at a decent pace.

The road was quite undulating and I tried to rest a wee bit before every approaching hill. Thanks to my FR305 I had recently discovered that 'knocking your pan in' on the climbs doesn't actually nock that much time off so I gave a measured effort here and tried to make time on the flat and downhill.

The speed graph and corresponding data table tell the story.

Although I was delivering a measured response to the trail, this was a challenge and I wanted to see how fast I could go. Staying in specified HR zones was out, I was just trying to maintain a decent average speed. The HR graph and table were a bit of a shock to me when I viewed them. It appears I was 'Knocking my pan in' after all :)

The mile markers rolled by and I grabbed the cups of water at the feeding stations and poured them over my head !

Saunders was out of sight after the first 7Km and uncatchable. I rolled over the finish line in second place !
Saunders posted a time of 1hr 9 mins and I got 1hr 13mins. Saunders wife Jean finished as fastest lady with a time of 1hr 27min.

The organisation for the event was really good. Regular stations along the route, mile markers stress free start and helpful encouragement by all support staff along the route.

I think we may go back next year.

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