Friday, August 30, 2013

Orange Dolphin PAYG - Credit Theft and Other Scams.

I had been with Vodafone for several years but their refusal to offer 3g in my area led me to but an Orange sim on PAYG Dolphin.
I bought this on 15th June 2013 and monitored it closely using the online account.

When you top up with £10 you get 1gb of data and 400 texts to use in a month.

Pretty soon things went a bit funny. I had checked my account online in the morning, and sent out some texts in the afternoon. I had £8.51 credit in the morning but not enough credit to send the texts. I checked online to find 11p.

I tried to phone customer services but, of course, didn't have any credit. To cut a long story short it took two weeks of correspondence with the Orangehelpers on twitter to sort it out and get my money back.
It was a 'Technical Glitch'.


I had tried customer services who said they would contact me but never did !

The next time I wanted to top up I saw this great way to do it on my online account. Pay £50 and Orange will automatically top up £10 a month for 6 months, which is £8.33 a month and I get my monthly data and text benfits without any fuss ! Great.

It's the Ready Deal 50 in the box on the right.

All is not what it seems with Orange. After paying the £50 I got a text saying I had topped up £50, had 3gb data and would need to top up next month for free data and texts. In other words it was treated as a normal £50 top up. Over to orangehelpers again.

 They agreed that I had got the deal details correct.


Basically the offer on my online account page was a trap to get me to spend £50. They said I was not eligible for the offer and that to get it I would have to take a new new phone number and a new account !!!! WTF.

They were quite happy to take my money and have not offered to refund it !

False advertising anyone ?

Oh and I still get this text whenever I top up £10 and get my free data and texts.


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