Friday, July 05, 2013

Do Orange Steal Your Credit ?

On 15th June I decided to try an Orange PAYG sim in my phone. I went for the Dolphin option as advised by the shop assistant. I topped up with £10 credit there and then which gave me 400 texts and 1GB of data.

I don't make many calls and changing to Orange would give me 3G where I live so I could take advantage of the data :)

I removed my Vodafone sim and started using the Orange one. Everything was lovely. I set up my online account so that I could keep a close eye on my new account.

On Monday 24th June I still had £8.51 credit, everything was going fine. That evening I decided to let some of my friends know I had a new number. I sent five texts and then received a text from Orange informing me that I didn't have enough credit !!

Checking online my credit had gone down to 11p ! I looked at my usage and there were not any charges ?

I had to insert my Vodafone sim to contact Orange customer support as I needed credit to phone them. They said they would check in 24hrs and text me back. In the meantime I topped up another £10 on Orange. No text came from customer support so I contacted @orangehelpers on twitter.
They needed an additional 72 hrs. I contacted them again and they conformed I had not used the credit and elevated my concerns.

Its now July 7th, I have heard nothing but there's been a development. I am no longer able to track my usage. When I log into my account it's grey, I cannot click on anything. I have been locked out !

I wonder how often this happens and whether people just keep topping up regardless ?
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