Saturday, September 03, 2011

After The Knee

So, I had severe knee pain last November after a run. Over several months and following two visits to two different Physiotherapists the verdict was degenerative cartilage damage. In other words, I'm old at 44 !

So I stopped running, hill walking and climbing and eased right off on the cycling which was also painful.

More or less sat out the first part of winter and to get me out and about in February, fate stepped in.

I have done a fair amount of shooting over the years, owned several air rifles or pistols and was in the Army Cadets and TA shooting everything from rimfire to 81mm Mortar. I got rid of the air rifles when the kids arrived.
At the start of 2011 my son found an air rifle in my sister in laws garage, one I had forgotten about. We put a service kit on it and played with it for a few weeks before returning it to my brother !
Then I purchased this:

BSA Ultra Multishot
Its the first PCP air rifle I have owned and I can highly recommend it, the beautiful stock isn't really bipod friendly though so I only use it on rare occasions and zeroing.
At the same time my son and I enrolled at the local Rifle and Pistol club, Tain RPC.

There's more pictures, videos and experiences to come, maybe even some helpful advice so stay tuned. Right now I have a bathroom to decorate :(

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