Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wild Wild West

First of all apologies for any grammatical or spelkling errors.. I have just had a lovely barbecue, a bottle of wine and a large Cointreu and Esprsesso. thanks to Mary and Roger.
Had a nice few days camping in Clachtoll and then a days climbing at Gruinard.
Clachtoll is lovely. We first visited in 2006 and the kids had a ball.

This time I had apirations of doing some climbing. Split rock was a real posasiblitty.

... but jeez, a really tricky ledge from the headland and then a tidal gap followed by a scaramble just to getto the climb. A wee bit too much for the kids. Saunders and I managed to get to the base of split rock on the reccy and then gave up.
The next day I went soloing severalother insifnificant but none the less quite interesting wee climbs all within walking distance of the campsite.
View from crags back down tocampsite and split rock.

Whilst the kids had a laff on the beach AGAIN !

Then we managed some climbing a few days later at Gruinard. Now never mind the Anthrax.

We did a coupleof climbs Flaky Wall 15m VD.

and Small But Perfectly Formed * 25m VD.

 Then we spent a wee while on the beacj before heasding home, ooch time for a wee dram then TDF high;lights and bed...
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