Saturday, July 03, 2010

Reiffer Madness

After many weeks almost going, when the weather has been very nice thank you very much, we were organised enough to head for Reiff for a bit of climbing.

We had picked a a few climbs suitable for me and the kids. The forecast wasn't too good, 25mph winds and  heavy rain showers, but we decided to chance it. I didn't bother checking the tide as the guidebook Scottish Rock Volume 2 North describes it as non tidal. We drove through a few showers on the way but they really weren't too bad. I thought the fresh wind would help to keep the cliffs dry. When we parked up the wee man saw huge breaker rising up against the cliffs across the field !

Not a great photo, tha camera is fairly basic but waterproof :) The waves were breaking as high as the cliff face as seen from our parking spot.
We crossed the fence and headed across the field, leaving the troops in the wee stone structure I went down to investigate.
The way around to the pinnacle from the north was being regularly swept with swell.

I checked around the other side.

It wasn't good, the Pinnacle and some of our bloody climbs was being soaked with spray.

The base of the slab with our other climbs was being lapped by the swell, it just wasn't safe for the kids to descend and stand about in close proximity to the angry sea.

The females in the party were not up to abseil in down "Descent route" we shrugged and made our way home.
Later... I checked the tides and found that high tide was 1211 BST, we were there at 1130, although it appears to have been a neap tide !
Maybe we'll get another day in the upcoming holidays although the wife isn't keen on the drive.
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