Sunday, December 06, 2009

Should Have Gone Straight To Raigmore

I had a wee spill up on the Wildcat on November 16th. Near the end of 'Running The Gauntlet there's a wee drop off a slab onto some 'north shore'. The planks have no chicken wire anti slip and as soon as I landed my front slid away. There was no time to correct and I went down fast and hard hitting my cheek on the ground.

From Golspie crash

I corrected the bent handlebars and seat and managed down the rest of the route.
A GP in Golspie had a look but the swelling had started, I decided to wait a few days to see if the pain subsided. I was still sore a week later so went to my local small injuries clinic where I was told there was no break.
Relieved by this news I was sure the pain would be leaving me soon. Still sore 2.5 weeks later I went back to the doctors to be told I would need an X-Ray !

I'm waiting for an appointment...

10th December. After being told on my last two visits that they could not x-ray the face in Invergordon I got my X-ray appointment  IN INVERGORDON ! Had the X-ray, now waiting for someone to look at it...
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