Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Long Time No Blog

It's been a while. I'm now on holiday for Christmas. For the previous couple of months the weather wasn't too good and I spent most of my time at work.
One of my colleagues crashed due to the ice whilst cycling home one morning and broke his arm, I have been covering his shifts.

It hasn't all been work, I have fitted in an occasional cycle and I've also started to run again ! Yes you heard right, although it's more like jogging:-)

Santa was very nice to me and gave me a prezzy well before christmas day.

Here's a quick look at it and what it can do.

ForeRunner 305

Here's a wee workout I made up myself consisting of 1 minute runs and 2 minute jog recoverys. These are done 8 times. There's 15 mins jog at either end. The Fr305 is great at helping you do exactly what workout you want to do. There's also a load of feedback at the end when you connect it up to the PC. I love that bit :-)

You can create a course from your track to use again and again.

You can also tranfer tracks/courses to and from Memory Map.

Or view it in Google Earth.

I'm going to keep running through the winter and maybe get some cycling done.
We did go to a local cycle trail today but the ground was treacherous, ice covered with water.
Weather permitting I'll also now have some time for Kayaking before I return to work, now where's that boat...
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