Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Went Paddling !

It's been quite some time, I don't think I have been out since the night paddle!

Today we done a route that I have done in the past. Chanonry to Cromarty, however last time I continued to Invergordon.

The forecast for today wasn't brilliant, it was a wee bit windy right from the start.

However after getting 'around the corner' the sea calmed down considerably and we were blown along the coast at a healthy pace.

We were also given sporadic peltings with rain, also not so bad when they are at your back.
We stopped for scran at the Eathie bothy.

The scene was very different from August 2006.

Now back to today.

After scran it was back on the yet flatter water with less wind but equal amounts of rain.

Another blast from the past. I think this is McFarquhar's cave.

And Today.

Is this Mcfarquhar's house ?

The sea remained clam, we paddled on.

Now I can't remember whether this was the cave beside McFarquhar's which might actually be McFarquhar's or the one at Red Nose. It was substantial though, as Andreas managed to turn the Cetus inside.

Soon after we were rounding the South Sutor. There followed a 2.5Km paddle into the wind to end tha day ay Cromarty.

Thanks To Neil for the organisation, everyone had a great time despite the weather.
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