Sunday, April 03, 2016

Flurry Of Activity and a Triathlon, Modifications and Mountain Biking.

Seems ages ago now but on 19th March 2016 I completed a Wee Triathlon. It was actually called 'The Wee Triathlon'.
I chose this one because, well I can't really swim ! Last October I got into the pool and could swim only 20m before I had to stop for a rest. This Triathlon had a 400m pool swim which I thought I might be able to manage. During training I managed to get my time down from 25 minutes to 16 minutes. During the Triathlon I did it in 12 minutes.

My finishing times were as follows

I'm happy I managed the swim without panicking/drowning. I also enjoyed the cycle and run, which were quite hilly.

I also got a new bike and did a lot of work on it and the other bikes since I had two weeks off work.

First changed rims on new bike and went Tubeless

Then serviced the Reba forks

Took the both the new bike and the Cube with the serviced forks out on a 48 Km ride with various off-road terrain types. The 26er hardtail Cube was better on steep uphills ( it's lighter ) but the 29er FS was a lot better on technical descents.
Overall they both did the cycle in exactly the same time !

We also took the 29er and a Cannondale Prophet 26er FS to a trail center and found them to be 'overall' about the same and as much fun as each other.

I my age, for anything really rough I'm going to use one of the FS bikes every time, for forestry roads with lots of climbs its the Cube.

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