Monday, October 10, 2011


Had no luck with the first scope I bought, it originally went on the rifle we found in the garage but whilst zeroing the rifle fell off the rest and landed on the scope disabling the vertical adjustmnent.

Another one was purchased and the zeroing took place.

As you can see, I went with the AA Diablo Field pellets after trying two other types.

Happy with the accuracy it was time to venture out. When I eventually found where the rabbits live I managed to get one with a 25m standing shot.

You can see that I've 'camo taped' the moderator and some of the barrel, this is to hide it from the pigeon and it helps to soften the report.
Yes the sound moderator or silencer does make a huge difference on this rifle.

Other helpful accesories have to include a pair of homemade shooting sticks.

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