Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Went Further !

Yes ! At Last ! The weather picked up and we got our days climbing with Go Further Scotland. This trip was originally planned for 30th July but bad weather and other commitments postponed it until 14th Aug.

We met up with Paul Tattersall in Gairloch and drove a few miles along the road to Clown Slab.  This crag has been bolted for sport climbing, rather than having to place protection like in traditional climbing, you simply have to clip in your quickdraw and then put your rope through the quickdraw. Sport climbs are graded for their difficulty from 1 up to 9b+ the last time I looked the number is usually preceded with the letter F.

We climbed the routes graded F4 for starters I led them and then Paul met me at the top to go through threading the lower off. After that the kids could top rope the climbs.

When the troops went to get lunch from the car Paul and I practised another situation. I climbed up and then secured myself to the top anchor, then hanging from this I belayed Paul up to me.

After a quick bite and more anchor and gear placement practice Paul reckoned we would do an F5 route and Molly would lead it. She managed to get to the top clipping 'draws all the way up !

After that we had to move round to Kuhjo Crag and the kids were put straight onto an F6a+ route Called 'The River Gods'.

It was a huge ask of the kids and they managed to get about half way up clipping a couple of bolts, I tried it and couldn't get as far ! I also had a go leading an F6a but fell before clipping the penultimate bolt :(

I had a rest and then managed to climb to the top. Molly then came along and also climbed to the top after finding a great rest place !

Oh and we all abseiled off the crag, even Karen !

 I can thoroughly recommend a day out with Go Further Scotland and if you want to know more about the crags in the area then have a look at these great wee Topos. 

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