Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Times Bad Times At Wildcat

Kayaking is dangerous. I took precautions and made sure I had the right gear before I paddled off, well at least after the first few frights !
Cycling is also dangerous as we found out recently.

Molly had completed the blue routes up at the Wildcat and Learnie several times she had even done the blue at Glentress. She assured us that she could handle the red route at Golspie Wildcat..

Sol and I explained it the best we could and told her to chicken run anything that looked too difficult. After easily completing the ascent she was fired up and ready to go.

From molly crash

But soon after a nasty fall on the third last tabletop and a trip to the hospital she looked like this.

From molly crash

Still smiling !

Things were a bit better this month after the arrival of the Prophet. I returned to the Wildcat and took it around the Black route. It took me ten minutes longer than normal to go up and the same time on the way down but the ride was so much better.

From molly crash

The best thing of all was ... NO PUNCTURES...
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