Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ski Bum

This month we have been doing mostly... Skiing.

It seems my abilities have not gone un-noticed. Ski Bum magazine is featuring Team Mackay and myself this month.

Seriously though we have had some nice conditions down in Cairngorm which we had to take advantage of.

From CairngormSki Feb2009

Karen and I went for a private lesson to brush up on our skills, then a few days later Saunders and I Ski'd and Boarded all day. My knees were quite sore after going down the M2.

Last Friday we all turned up and had a great time.

Molly was eager to get going.

From CairngormSki Feb2009

The kids just started where they had left of last year, and progressed fast.

Karen reported imporovements too.

From CairngormSki Feb2009

I managed to have a few crashes and one particular high speed roll about which left me with a sore knee ! I just hope it feels better in time for our holiday.

From CairngormSki Feb2009

A few people I have spoken to are not thet keen on Cairngorm for skiing but I must say that it is good enough for me, you just have to get the snow and the weather and you are laughing.

From CairngormSki Feb2009

So get along to Cairngorm, you'll have a great day out and be flakers on the way home.

From CairngormSki Feb2009
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