Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saltburn To Balintore

Today I paddled from Saltburn around to Balintore. I went on my own, the weather was lovely, sunny and no real wind.

There was a wee bit of mist hanging aboot though, which soon burned away.

I passed by the old Nigg fabrication yard where they are now building offshore windmills.

There were caves around the corner.

Ah remember those gun emplacements ?

Loads of Guillemots jumping into the sea, where they would 'run' along the water.

Loads of Shags too.

I found a landing spot on a very rocky shoreline, although I managed to jump out of the boat before the boulders on the shore, I took a bash from a submerged rock on the way in !

After a scone and a cup of coffee it was time for the final leg, soon Balintore was in site.

The wife will be here soon to pick me up.


Two hours later...

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