Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hip Pads

No paddling in my days off this week as I was installing new gates, that Postcrete is good stuff eh ?

I didn't take any photo's of the gate build but I did sneak off and do a bit on the boat and took photo's of that !

I wanted to make the cockpit a little snugger ( is that a real word ? ) so I did the following.

I had some handy tubing fitted as part of seat lowering. I knew back then that I could use the tubes to help with fitting hip pads. First I cut some foam to size.

Hey, google web albums now lets you choose the size of the image. Looks like they listen to customer feedback !

So next to those tubes. I did have ideas of sliding another tube inside but I went for the easy option, drill some holes in it for cable ties.

Now a wee covering of sleeping mat, tucked into the seat at the bottom.
***Sleeping mat supplied by Andy Todd. He's the guy that gets you stuff, whatever you need he's the guy. You're old lady giving you grief ? He's the guy ***

Finish off with another cable tie.

And that's it folks. I'm now as snug in this boat as I am in the wee river boat, sea trials begin on Monday so long as the gate hanging goes without a hitch.
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