Friday, August 11, 2006


I joined the local Kayak club in September 2005 and completed the BCU 2 star course. During the winter the club holds pool sessions so you can work on various techniques in the warm pool waters. I think it's fair to say that most people practice or attempt rolling.
I think I managed about 5 sessions but couldn't quite get the hang of rolling despite the advice and encouragement of three different coaches.

Readers of the blog will note that before three star training began I decided to get my own river boat. I also watched EJ's rolling and bracing video ! During three star training we had two pool sessions where I managed not to roll yet again, it was beginning to bug me.

I don't think it was one particular thing, my brain was having problems multitasking the paddle the boat and the body positions.

Well we done our three star assesment and I tried a roll and failed :-( no cert for me.
From Three Star

I was told that when I could roll I should contact the assesor to get the three star signed off.

The following week I went into the firth beside my house and started practising, I think I had about ten goes, slowing down and thinking about each bit. It appeared that there were several faults to work on. Paddle not far enough up left arm not tucked in, trying to lift head too quickly. The only thing I had was the hip flick. More thought and a few more attempts later then BINGO.

I rolled. Thinking it was a fluke I rolled again, then again. Six times in a row. I then came down to the water the very next day and did six more ! It wasn't a fluke I was rolling !
From In The Firth

I phoned Dave the assesor and arranged to meet him in Inverness, Dave didn't even have to get in his boat I went in and rolled no problem. Yee Ha.

Well now I'm trying to roll on the opposite side, but computer says no. My brain only want's to roll on my strong side.
Back to the pool sessions !!

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