Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gone Fishing

Well kids, I recently decided to have a go at fishing from my kayak. At first I tried using a basic line that I bought for the kids, when I had no luck I bought a cheapo telescopic rod which came with a wee box of tackle and a mackerel jig.

Well I loaded up the kayak, take a look at my minimalist setup.

Well to tell you the truth, it was easier with the kids fishing line. Whenever the hooks started dragging seaweed it was a real hassle getting it off. There's just no space for manouvering when you are stuck in the seat of the kayak in the middle of the water.

Oh, by the way the weather was lovely the day I went out, apart form the 90 minutes I was out when we got wind and showers. When I took the boat in the sun came out ! Oh well I did get some pics.
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